Lemongrass Gin & Tonic


114g Thai Taste Lemongrass, 70cl Gin, Ice Cubes, Tonic Water, Garnish with Lime Wheels and Fresh Lemongrass 

  1. Prepare the Lemongrass Gin
  2. In a glass bottle, add the entire contents of 1 jar of Thai Taste Lemongrass and 70cl of your favourite Gin
  3. Fill a Balloon Gin glass with Ice
  4. Pour in 1 measure (50ml) into each glass.
  5. Top up with Sparkling Tonic Water
  6. garnish with lime wheels and fresh Lemongrass Sticks
Handy tip

The Longer you can steep the Lemongrass Gin, the better tasting it is!

Did you know

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