Coconut & Kaffir Lime Martini


100ml Vodka, 200ml Thai Taste Coconut Milk, 1 Fresh Lime Juiced, 1tsp Thai Taste Kaffir Lime Leaves (chopped), Ice Cubes, 1tsp Thai Taste Palm Sugar, Lime Wheels, Caster sugar & Lime Zest for Garnish

  1. Prepare the Glass
  2. combine caster sugar and Lime zest on a small plate
  3. Rim your Martini glass with a lime wedge and place rim of glass into Sugar and Lime zest to coat.
  4. For the Drink
  5. Combine the Vodka, Coconut Milk, Lime Juice, Kaffir Lime and Palm Sugar in a cocktail shaker with Ice and Shake!
  6. Strain into your prepared Martini glass and then garnish with a lime wheel.
Handy tip

You can use caster sugar instead of Palm sugar to retain the colour of the coconut milk

Did you know

Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country, with close to 67 million people