Turmeric Chicken Tempura with Thai Taste


250g Rice flour + Extra

3 tsp Dried Turmeric

1 pinch coarse sea salt

Ice cold Fizzy water

320g chicken

A deep pan of Oil on a high heat

To serve:

Thai Taste dipping sauces

Coarse sea salt

Sliced chilli

Fresh coriander

½ lime

  1. In a bowl mix the 250g of flour, turmeric and salt.
  2. Pour in the cold fizzy water until you create a thin tempura batter (it should be thinner than a fish and chip shop batter and create a trail off your whisk)
  3. Cut your chicken into bite-sized pieces
  4. Coat the chicken in your extra flour.
  5. Set up your area so you can dip your Floured chicken into the batter and quickly into a deep pan of oil on a high heat.
  6. One piece at a time, move the flour into the batter then into the hot oil. Be careful as the oil is Very hot!
  7. Fry off each piece until the batter is crisp and the chicken is cooked (about 3-4 minutes or until golden brown)
  8. Once cooked drain on a paper towel
  9. We plated ours with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt, fresh coriander, sliced chilli and a squeeze of lime
Handy tip

If you have a lot of left-over batter, you can drip it off a whisk into the oil to create little crispy bites!

Did you know

1/10th of the entire population of Thailand lives in Bangkok. Its diverse population makes for a great food scene.