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Lemongrass Mulled Wine


10 Mins

Preparation time

30 Mins

Cooking time



Give this Christmas classic a Thai twist with lemongrass! Lemongrass adds a beautiful citrus flavour with full-bodied earthy notes that pair so well with your favourite red wine! Follow the recipe below for our best-Mulled wine!

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  • 750ml Red wine - go for a mid-range, juicy & fruity red and avoid red wines with a strong 'oak' flavour.
  • 150ml Port
  • 2 Cinnamon sticks
  • 45g Thai Taste Lemongrass - Drained
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • 8 Star Anise
  • 12 Cloves
  • 7 Cardamom Pods
  • 100g Thai Taste Palm Sugar
  • Slices of Citrus - you can use oranges, lemons, limes and even grapefruit.

Steps for cooking

  • 1.In a saucepan,slowly heat up the entire bottle of red wine and port, making sure not to boil. If any foam appears you can scoop it out.
  • 2. In a second saucepan, we can toast the dry spices and lemongrass to help release the oils and aromas.
  • 3.Add the palm sugar, it will spit as it is quite hot, so be careful.
  • 4. Add the citrus slices and coat so everything is all mixed together. Turn the heat down.
  • 5. Use a ladle to spoon the red wine over the slices and spices. continue to heat,but do not let boil. Cover with a lid and let warm through for a further 10-15 minutes.
  • 6. Have a taste, add more palm sugar if needed and then serve!




Gluten Free:





Chef’s Tips

You can really tailor this recipe to your liking, add more sugar, or more or less of the individual spices to suit what you like! This recipe also works great with Cider, just swap in some orange or apple juice for the port!

Did you know?

Thailand welcomed 16 million international arrivals in 2017, making it the most visited country in the world!

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