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Under 20 mins

Pink Elephant Cocktail

Our namesake cocktail is a vibrant mix of pink lemonade, Thai Galangal and Thailand’s own Spirit – Mekhong Thai, which is made with 95% molasses

Vegan Miang Bites

The perfect combination of Sweet, Salty, Sour & Spicy Flavours, Thai cuisine in one delicious mouthful!

Thai Basil Cranberry Sauce

Thai Basil adds a delightful earthy peppery note to this classic Christmas side dish.  Perfectly complementing the sweet and sour cranberries!

Spicy Thai Drunken Noodles

This is a classic Bangkok stir fry with many stories of how it came about. The most used story is that a man, after a

Thai Tofu Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are a great way of mix and matching vegetables and proteins, try with whichever combination you want!