Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is famous for blending spicy, salty, bitter, sour and sweet flavours all in one dish.  Balancing these flavours is key, as the same five spices, when mixed in varying proportions, offer 100’s of possible taste sensations.  

Thai Taste makes it surprisingly simple to achieve the unique aromas and delicious tastes of home cooked Thai food.  Made in Thailand with fresh, all natural ingredients, our traditional curry pastes create a shortcut to authentic, delicately balanced dishes… all in your very own kitchen.
Whilst dining in Thailand, it is also hard not to notice the unique serving style which pairs complementary tastes and textures.  These unusual combinations create the incredible taste of a rich artistic heritage.  Centred around rice or rice noodles, crispy fried fish is eaten with a spicy, sour soup, sweetened pork accompanies shrimp-paste fried rice and a small dish of spicy chilli pastes (Nahm Prik) or chilli infused fish sauce (Prik Nam Pla) accompanies every meal, adding heat and flavour according to individual preference.  
There is a huge variety of flavours available, differing from region to region, but all reflect the Thai people's affinity with nature, produce and way of life.  

Depending upon your mood, you can decide how little or how much time you spend on your meal preparation.  Thai cooking is very straightforward, with the majority of time taken in the preparation of the ingredients. Browse our selection of delicious Recipes, which can be made using Products from our award-winning range, all designed to shorten the preparation time in preparing high quality, authentic Thai food. 

When it comes to cooking, it is usually done rapidly in a wok and, as the ingredients are cut into small pieces, this time is kept to a minimum.  The best wok for Thai cooking is made from carbon steel, with deep sides.  Traditionally, it is not only used for stir-frying, but boiling, deep frying steaming or even cooking an omelette.  Cooking utensils will vary, but most Thai kitchens will use a wooden spatula for stir frying and a set of bamboo handled wire baskets for deep frying.  

But if you’re like us, you’ll probably use whatever you have in the kitchen, as they do here (Cooking Tips & Tutorials).