We are delighted to have been winning gold stars in the Great Taste Awards for over 7 years.


Our Vermicelli rice noodles can be prepared in just 10 minutes, providing the perfect accompaniment to a Thai curry or forming the foundation of a light summer salad.  They can also be added to Thai soups, to make a more substantial meal. View More>>

Judges comments:

“Lovely firm noodles with a good bite and nice texture. Mellow, clean rice flavour which would be well matched for nice Thai sauces. Difficult to judge on its own but a good example of a Thai noodle”  

“There's a good bite to these and the strands remain separate rather than sticking together”

PALM SUGAR – 2016 Gold Star

Our Palm Sugar, made from the sap of a coconut palm is a delicious alternative to processed white sugar and can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. View More>>

SRIRACHA HOT CHILLI SAUCE – 2016 & 2013 Gold Star

Our Sriracha sauce, from the town of Sriracha, is perfect for adding depth and heat to any dish and can also be used alone as a dipping sauce. View More>>

FISH SAUCE – 2013 Gold Star

A staple in Thai cuisine, Fish Sauce is widely used to add depth of flavour and provides the ‘salty’ element of Thai cuisine.  Our Fish Sauce is made in a sleepy fishing village in Thailand, where they have been making Fish Sauce for over 65 years. View More>>

PAD THAI MEAL KIT – 2011 Gold Star

The ultimate street food and one of the world’s most popular noodle dishes.  Our Pad Thai meal kit makes it possible in just 15 minutes. View More>>